Thursday, June 7, 2012

My Sister Sherry

It was a sunny but windy day when she was born. I do remember the doctor coming and he drove the same car he had driven when Leona came. The war wasn't over until later, and they didn't make any new cars for a few years as people were too busy making vehicles for the war in those factories. It was November llth 1944, which made me seven years old. I was eight the following June, and she wasn't but seven months then, and we lived at some property on a hill, the same place we lived when dad and I saw the couger. We didn't live there very long, and we made a move up to Brownwood, where grandpa and granny were, but mom really didn't like it and in a couple of months we moved back to Austin. That was where we lived until I was 11 years old and then we moved to Morgan Lane. When Sherry was a baby still we lived on Herogozs Lane down close to the Colorado River. We made the move the following year and I was taught to iron by mom that same year. It was eight and we ironed with an iron that was heated on the wood stove. It was kind of a funny iron and it was really hot and you could get burned if you didn't pay a lot of attention. I never did get burned that I can remember so I paid attention to mom. That wood stove was really something, it had a warming oven on the top and one down below, that mom cooked in. She made the best biscuts, cakes, cookies, and gingerbread in it. To this day I don't know how she controled it but she did. She canned hundreds of quarts of vegetables on that stove, and the reason Leona and I liked it so much was because it had a resovoir on the side that held water with a spigot that you could get hot water, we just had to fill it once a day unless we were all taking baths. The best thing we loved it for was we didn't have to heat water to do dishes ever again. By this time Sherry was a cute toddler, a little over a year. It seems that when dad moved, our relatives moved by us, so it wasn't long and Troy daddy's brother and his family moved across the street. Soon granny and grandpa moved next door and Uncle Carl another of dad's brothers, moved next to granny and grandpa. That same year at Christmas Leona and I got a red Flyer Wagon I don't remember what else we got, but I remember the wagon, because of the way we used it. I loved to do ironing and Sherry had a lot of cute dresses and hats to match, I think mom made them. Anyway I would iron the hats or bonnets as mom called them, snd mom would starch the brims really well. I would dress Sherry up in the little clothes that I had ironed and would pull her up and down the street, Leona would often push it. We had a lot of fun doing it, and she was the cutest baby ever and she belonged to us. She had the sweetest little cheeks, they were chubby and beautiful dark hair that was wavy. We loved showing her off, Leona was a cutie also, She had the prettiest white blond hair you ever saw. We loved her so very much and I will always remember having such fun going around the neighborhood with the wagon and my two little sisters. This is one of my foundest childhood memories.


  1. That's a nice memory. I'm glad you were so close to your sisters. Sorry for your loss, Grandma. You will see her again. Love you!

  2. That was soooooo sweet! I loved hearing about it. It is crazy to think how different life was back then with the stoves and water and everything. Love you!!!!!!!!

  3. thank you mom for sharing that! It was fun to read and I could just see you two parading Sherry around the neighborhood. It was interesting to hear about your moves also. That oven sounded better in some ways than ours! I want a warming oven. I think we all do what we have to do, and so grandma learned how to use that stove. love you!!